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With PUBG being the top-selling game of 2017, even Grand Theft Auto 5 wants in on the Battle Royale action with their latest GTA Online update.

With more than eight million units sold since March this year, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has become something of a phenomenon. Regardless of its influence on Steam right now, there have been plenty of games in the Battle Royale genre to come before it, with some still in Early Access to this date. Rockstar Games looks to take a slice of that pie with the widely successful Grand Theft Auto 5.

Patch notes for the game’s recent update just dropped on Steam, with one tidbit surely grabbing the attention of the gaming community’s eye. A new adversary mode, Motor Wars, has been introduced. Four teams of players will find themselves parachuting into a battle zone with a periodically shrinking kill box.

Players will need to work together to find weapons, guns, explosives and weaponized vehicles to take out opposing teams in the quest for ultimate survival.

Unfortunately, the parameters of the game mode is where the comparisons to PUBG and Grand Theft Auto 5’s Motor Wars end. With just 28 players on the map divided by just four groups, the kill-or-be-killed survival mentality takes a severe dip. With a 25% shot at winning, the intense adrenaline that comes with a victory just within reach doesn’t formulate.

More importantly, the tactics that make PUBG and other Battle Royale games work well isn’t built into the GTA Online mentality. Auto-aim mechanics, a different style of weapon variety and combat-oriented vehicles make this an entirely different experience masquerading as a survival game.

Still, at the very least, PS4 players will have some sort of established Battle Royale gameplay experience while they wait for PUBG‘s timed exclusive deal with Xbox One to expire so that the game can finally make its way to Sony’s platform.

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